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A team of Changemakers X Change with one mission… to broadcast fabulous Stories!

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• Amélie Jézabel Mariage

She studied Economics & Politics between France, the United Kingdom and Spain, acquiring a cultural matrix that makes her flexible, open-minded, and with a broad vision of reality.  She is master in Journalism by the European University of Madrid and passionate about Art and Social Entrepreneurship.

In 2012, she founded the project Aprendices Visuales, a non-profit which develops technological tools that allow children with autism develop their potential & use art to raise social awareness. They have now reached more than 60,000 children in 20 countries and her trajectory has been recognized with national and international awards such as UNICEF, ChangemakersXchange or Forbes 30 Under 30, among others. She’s been invited as speaker in the TEDx IE Madrid to talk about “Art as a tool for social change”.

Her enthusiasm is contagious. Amélie puts all her youthness, quest of emancipation and creativity in every projects. Today she continues her studies as a researcher at the Institut des Hautes Études en Art Plastique of Paris, following her dream, her life approach… to build a world where everyone of us, could be valued for their talents and capacities.

• Jacklina Eshaya

She is a passionate, spiritual being. She is deeply devoted to values of Social Activism and change. She always tries to see the human being in front of her without labels and live according to her purpose- making this world better and just. Jacklina is especially passionate about issues of gender and sexual abuse, Jewish-Palestinian conflict-racism and inequality, and ecology. She has a lot of experience in non-violent communication, peace building, social entrepreneurship, dragon dreaming, open space facilitating, personal and group processes and more. 

For the past 3 years Jacklina works for Project TEN where she co-directs an international volunteering and learning center that focuses on creating shared and sustainable society in northern Israel. For 11 years she has volunteered at a Rape Crisis Center. She also organizes and facilitates women circles, is a founder and member of a cooperative bar, and has a radio show about Social Activism

Jacklina was born in Bulgaria and immigrated to Israel when she was 7 years old; She completed a tour guiding course and experts in Christianity. Jacklina holds a BA in Psychology and Education and a Masters in Social Work. She wrote her thesis on transformations women go through while giving birth. Jacklina has two children, Yarden and Naveh.


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